Lush Christmas Bathtime Favourites

Hello beauties, I have been loving reading all the ‘What I got for Christmas’ posts and although I don’t plan on doing a detailed one of what I received I did want to do a review on this fab gift set that my boyfriend got me (he knows me well or just thinks I smell haha).

IMG_0665 (2)

I love how creative Lush were this Christmas and loved nearly all of their limited edition Xmas products. This set is called the Christmas Bathtime Favourites and inside you will find nine of their Christmas themed bath bombs!. I love the packaging of this box, especially the purple ribbon that makes it look so fancy. I will definitely be keeping the hat box in my bathroom to store my lush goodies in throughout the year.

IMG_0674 (2)

Sherbet Dip bath bomb 185g

As it’s name suggests it’s shaped just like the sherbet lemon sweets and I think this is such a fun idea!. It has a mouthwatering scent of lemon and contains lemon, grapefruit and orange essential oils and makes the bath water a luminous yellow.

Butter Bear bath bomb 75g

This adorable bear shaped bear bomb is one of my favourites for how soft it makes your skin after the bath. It smells like chocolate and vanilla. However it isn’t very exciting in the water but does make you gorgeously smooth thanks to the cocoa butter.

Snow Fairy jelly bomb 180g

This one I am kind of nervous about trying, after trying the ‘dark arts’ jelly bomb and that being a total fail. The jelly getting all stuck in my hair (was such a nightmare). It smells like the typical bubble gum sweet scent of the Snow Fairy range and it does look really appealing. However I will be using this on a day I don’t need to wash my hair. Fingers crossed there isn’t the same horrendous clean up that I had before. Pray for me!.

Shoot For The Stars bath bomb 200g

I LOVE the appearance of this bath bomb, a bright blue bomb with golden embedded stars. This makes a gorgeous blue explosion and leaves magical glittery water. It has a sweet toffee scent and the stars are made of body butter which melts to leave you beautifully soft.

Golden Wonder bath bomb 200g

Shaped like a present, it is the perfect gift or Christmas themed bath bomb for the festive season. This feels really heavy when held in the hand and really peaks my interest on what’s inside and what colour it makes the water. Spoiler! It makes a gorgeous blue and green explosion and leaves the water blue. It has a fresh citrusy scent.

IMG_0681 (2)

Nevermind The Ballistics bath bomb 200g

With the Sex Pistol name reference this bath bomb had to be cool. It is a bomb that is dipped in a butter melt coating and has a orange scent thanks to the orange oils. This makes silky orange water and is very appealing to watch once it’s been placed in the tub.

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb 200g

It is not Christmas without a Christmas pudding and I love all the colours in this aptly themed bath bomb. With a scent of lavender and Tonka it is a very calming smell, perfect for bedtime. It starts of foaming pink then explosions of different colours start appearing it’s amazing!leaving a rich pink water.

Christmas Sweater bath bomg 200g

This is such a creative idea for a bath bomb for Christmas, we all love the tacky Christmas jumpers which it is designed to look like. Offering a warm and spiced scent to make you feel toasty and relaxed. Perfect for the colder weather. This makes deep red and and orange foamy water.

Thundersnow bath bomb 200g

Looking just like it’s name ‘thunderstorm’ this fun mix of colours makes me intrigued to see the result in the water. With a peppermint and cocoa scent which is so heavenly, something that will give you a real pick me up. Making a explosion of blue and green water.

IMG_0685 (2)

I hope you liked this review, I can’t wait to get started using all these bombs, they are way too pretty to use mind!

Did you receive any lush gifts for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!.

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December Primark Haul

I usually do a outfit of the day post on a Saturday but I’ve decided to post my Primark haul from last week instead. Does anyone else struggle going into Primark because everything is so damn appealing? I really do! Keep on reading to see what I bought recently.

IMG_0341 (2)


Applique sleeve detailed blouse £14

This first blouse really stood out for me because of the luxurious floral embroidered detailing on the sleeves. This will go perfect with a leather skirt for a festive night out whilst still keeping warm!

Mustard bell sleeve blouse £10

A mustard beauty with bell sleeves, frills and ribbons. Not only is it super cute and girly it will also look great paired with a 70s dark blue style denim skirt or flared jeans.

Tartan Elasticated detailed blouse £6

Lastly and because winter/Christmas time is the only time I really feel comfortable wearing tartan. I love this smart blouse with elasticated detailing on the front. Not to mention it was only £6!. Will be wearing these with a pair of leather trousers and biker boots.

IMG_0343 (2)

Look at that gorgeous detailing, it has me seriously drooling!.

IMG_0348 (2)


Multi Coloured Faux fur scarf £6

I was eyeing this faux fur scarf/collar a few weeks ago as I love the mix of  colours, I went to finally pick it up and it was marked down to half price in the sale! Love when that happens, I like to drape these on top of my leather jackets and wool coats for added glam and of course warmth!.

Red tassel earrings £2

Tassle earrings are everywhere at the moment and I didn’t have a red pair in my collection, I love how vibrant and sassy they are! Cant wait to wear them, they also sell the in black and a bright pink.

Crushed velvet shoulder bag £7

I recently broke one of my favourite bags so was looking for a replacement, I’m not really one to have crazy detailed bags so this one is perfect for me, just the right size to fit my important items, purse, phone, touch up makeup and gum. I love the crushed velvet material and it really reminds me of the Gucci bags that became so popular this year.

Faux shearling heeled boots £6

I  recently saw these on someone’s Instagram slating them for being ‘ugly’ but damn I fell in love with how tacky these are. Anything fluffy and different and I’m there, plus they were only £6 in the sale. WINNER!. Question is shall I go back and get them in the nude colour?.

I did want to have a makeup haul included in this but my Primark where I live has a crap makeup selection or its always been tested or sold!.

What goodies have you found recently in Primark? Let me know in the comments below.

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Latest In Beauty box: December

It has been a little while since I did a beauty box review, a few months ago I cancelled my Latest In Beauty subscription to use the money for other things. I recently got a come back’ email offering me my next box with money off so thought it was a great time to resubscribe!

Latest In Beauty is a monthly subscription box that lets you pick your own items and plans based on your preference or budget. This is great as it will avoid any disappointment that may come with other pre picked boxes. They upload new products daily and have a fab range of makeup, beauty, skincare or lifestyle products. I am on the Beauty guru plan which is a £18 a month for nine products, which is the highest plan. I think that is fab as you do get some full sized products and free postage! There are two other plans available if you’re on a lower budget. Along with the items you pick they also throw in freebies every month and a free makeup bag with your first order. This is what I picked for November’s box.

IMG_0216 (2)

The items that are pictured here in the box are the items they put in for me for free! Including a full sized product! They really out did themselves with this box. I am so pleased.

My picks

IMG_0221 (2)

IMG_0231 (2)

Ardell Mega Volume false lashes ‘250’

Lately I have wanted to start using false lashes more but I’m not too sure what is the best brand to go with, plus I’m not very good at applying them. I picked these to try as I have heard many good things about Ardell lashes and needed a full pair for a look I’m doing next week . These have two layers and I can’t wait to try them! I love how you get the glue included.

Skin Yoga Coffee body scrub (sample size)

I love a good body scrub and was intrigued by this one from Skin Yoga. I don’t know much about the brand and when looking up how much a full sized bag was (£33) I thought it was a great try before you buy situation. Coffee is well known for its firming qualities in skincare as well as reducing the appearance of scarring (stretch marks).

L’Occitane Roses et Reines hand and nail cream (10ml sample size)

I have used this hand cream before so this isn’t a new find for me, picked purely as it’s the perfect size to fit into my smaller bags for winter. It is my favourite hand cream for keeping my hands soft and away from any damage from the cold weather. The smell of sweet roses is amazing too!

IMG_0243 (2)

OPI Nail Lacquer shade ’emotions’ (3.75ml sample)

Firstly how cute are the mini bottles, great if you want to try out a colour before you commit to the full sized. I chose this because i find minis so cute! Plus they are perfect to travel with, without worrying that the bottle will break in your bag. This shade is a black with granite style flecks in, giving it a grainy effect.

OPI Nail Lacquer shade ‘race red’ (3.75ml sample)

I’m a sucker for a classic red and chose this to go with my red lipsticks when I want to match my lips and nails. OPI have such a great and long lasting formula, I have quite small nails so the little brush in the sample bottle are perfect for my application.

Laura Mercier Radiance foundation primer ( 15ml sample)

I will be doing a full review post on this at some point but I’m really excited to try this primer from Laura Mercier. It is one of her raved about products and I’m excited to see what the ‘radiance’ claims will do to my skin and makeup application. Keep your eyes out for the upcoming post!

Carmex Peach and Mango burst lip balm (10g full sized product)

This brand has been mentioned in two of my previous posts so if your a avid reader of mine then you will know that I am no stranger to this product, picked as I wanted to try out the scented version and it doesn’t disappoint! A gorgeous mango and peach scent. I don’t trust any other brand than this to keep my lips on top form in the winter months!

IMG_0247 (2)

Lord & Berry lipstick pencil shade ‘diva’ (3.5g full sized product)

I am a sucker for a Lord & Berry product and when said product is a plum shade lip colour I was never going to be able to resist. This is a full sized lip crayon and as you can see from the swatches below it has great pigmentation and a gorgeous sheen to it

Burt’s Bees lipstick shade ‘blush basin’ (3.4g full sized product)

I have only ever tried the normal lip balms from this brand so when I saw they had lipsticks on the list I really wanted to try. This has a rich, creamy formula and is a pretty nude colour with a glossy finish. Perfect for anyone who likes more of a natural lip!

IMG_0249 (2)


IMG_0251 (2)

Dr Botanicals Tropical Invigorating cream (50ml full sized product)

First of all I can’t believe how generous they were this month with my freebies, this full sized facial moisturiser is £44 to buy and I got it for FREE! I am excited to use it and I love the fun packaging. The smell is a bit off putting as it quite of smells like plastic so hopefully it doesn’t linger! Either way still great to receive for free!

Regenerate Advanced toothpaste (14ml sample size)

I wasn’t overly excited with this, I mean how exited can you get over toothpaste? However it was free and is the perfect size to take on a weekend away trip so I will be putting it in my travel wash bag!

Weleda Grenade perfume (1.5ml sample vile)

A standard sample sized vile of perfume, I have never tried this brand before and thought I was going to hate it, it has a sweet yet spicy scent to it that will go well for the winter months, I will use up this sample but won’t be purchasing the full sized! I love my sickly sweet scents too much!

Philosophy Amazing Grace perfume (1.5ml sample vile)

I have smelled this before and I am not a big fan so I’ll be putting this in the bin, it is too old fashioned of a smell for me, very strong and ‘old lady’. Sorry not for me.

I am so pleased with this months box and love how extra they are with the pretty pink packaging and quote cards. Definitely looking forward to picking next months box!

What are some of your favourite monthly boxes? Let me know in the comments below!.

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Lush Twilight Haul

I am back with another Lush haul, not so long ago I was introduced to the Sleepy body lotion and I adored the scent, so when I heard that lush were bringing out more goodies with the same smell in their Christmas range I just had to give them a try. For those who haven’t read the sleepy review you can find it here.



Twilight shower gel -£9.95 250g

I was so excited that this came into the Lush stores, I would often see it in the Lush kitchen but it would always sell out. I’m in love with the soothing lavender scent, mixed with sweet tonka and ylang ylang. This is the perfect shower gel to either run under your bath water to create luxurious bubbles or to use as intended in the shower to wash with, it lathers up really well and you only need a small amount. I will be stocking up on this as I love how the smell lingers and it leaves me so smooth.


Twilight sparkle jar -£6.95

I have tried two of the massage bars from Lush before and enjoyed both of them. They are solid body butters and this particular one has a shimmer effect. You place them into your hand and the natural heat from your body softens them until they are ready to rub on your body. I’m excited to use this over the Christmas period as it leaves a glossy effect on the skin. You can use by itself or you can pierce the two holes on the front to ‘ open’ the jar. Inside is sparkle dust that will give you a intense shimmer look on the skin. Along with the gorgeous sweet lavender smell.


Twilight bath bomb -£3.95

I normally opt for a bubble bar rather then a bath bomb as I think they are better value for money as you can cut them and get multiple uses out of them (I know know I am a cheap skate). But I thought I would treat myself to this one timer. I love the moon and star design, very suitable for the ‘sleep inducing’ theme that this range carries. When I placed it in the bath it started fizzing around leaving rich purple and pink water with glitter, it left my skin feeling very soft and left behind the lavender scent. However it did require a little clean up after which is another reason I prefer a bubble bar!

Have you tried any of the Lush Christmas range? Let me know in the comments below!

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The Body Shop Frosted Berries Body Trio

So I may have accidently fell in into The Body Shop, when I say accidently I mean I received a email that they have a buy one get one half deal on their bath and body products. Todays post is on the Frosted Berries range from The Body Shops Christmas range.



Frosted Berries Sugar Scrub

One of my favourite things to do in the tub is to scrub scrub scrub!, This has a gorgeous strong berry scent and smells like a winter berry pie (mmmm). I was able to test this out in store as I only like to use scrubs that don’t have large grains to exfoliate with as they are too harsh for my skin, this is just the right texture to get rid of any dead skin and left me with the smoothest finish. I love that it left my skin smelling so scrummy after the bath too. I will definitely be stocking up on this before they take it off the shelves after the festive period. This cost £15 for a 250ml tub.


Frosted Berries Body Lotion

As expected this has the same berry pie scent as the scrub, The first thing that made me want to buy the lotion rather than the body butter is the thickness of the cream. I sometimes find the body butters too thick and they leave a annoying greasy residue, so the gel formula of this lotion is perfect as it sinks in quickly leaving nothing but amazingly soft skin and a lingering scent that stayed even in the evening when I was putting my jammies on. I love the fact that this has a handy pump too, making for easy use rather then digging in to the tubs. This is £8.50 for 250ml.

Frosted Berries Shower Gel

Lastly, I couldn’t not pick up the matching shower gel, again with the same scent as the above two products. This comes in a squeezy bottle and I had no problems with it coming out when using. With a runny formula which I found lathered really well and I didn’t need to use a lot when washing. I also used it under a running tap as bubble bath and it made a huge amount of bubbles and filled my bathroom with the yummiest aroma. This cost £5 for 250ml.

I did look out for the body mist from this range as well as the hand cream but sadly they were out of stock. They also sell candles in the Christmas scents which I plan on buying. They also have a Frosted Plum and Vanilla Chai range as part of their seasonal limited edition products so go in and have a sniff of their products as they are heavenly!.

Have you ever tried any of The Body Shops products? What are your favs?. Let me know in the comments below.

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Glitter for days, Perfect for the Christmas season.

Glitter, Glitter and more glitter! I can get enough of the glitzy sparkly stuff. Since we are now in mid November and the Christmas vibe is well and truly in the air, I thought it was the perfect time to stock up on some glitters that would see me through the festive period and adorn my face at Christmas events and wanted to share them with you beauties.

IMG_9685 (2)

I picked these little baggies up from Ebay and there were on a FAB deal on where you buy five and get five free, so at 99p a bag it worked out £5 for ten. Since then the price has gone up to £1.49 which is still a bargain. The seller mixes different glitters to create his/her exclusive mixes. I also love the names on the bags, so creative!.

IMG_9695 (2)

The first five shades I chose are ‘Candy, Golden Sunrise, Dorothy, Autumn Blaze, Persian Paradise’. These will be the shades I will be abusing over the Christmas period as they have the perfect mixes of golds, reds, royal purples, oranges and yellows.

IMG_9701 (2)

The next lot of shades I chose were ‘Fairy Land, Smoking Gun, Mermaid, Amethyst, Jungle Parrot’. These are the perfect mixes with colours including greens, rich blues, silvers, purples and greys and holographic glitters.

You get two options to choose from, to have them packaged in a zip lock bag that I chose above or a screw top pot. I think you get more product in the bags then pot based on the photos. I will be using these by dipping my brush into them and picking up the glitz.

To use you simply apply a glitter fix gel and you can apply them to any part of your body or face. These will be perfect to keep for the festival season in summer or for a night out. I cant wait to create some over the top glam looks with them!.

If you’re interested in buying these then you can find them here.

Will you be covered in glitter this holiday season? Let me know your favourite brands to use in the comments below!

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Ciate Chloe Morello’s Beauty Haul Set Vol 2

I am super excited to share this post with you beauties. I was awaiting the announcement of this beauty set for ages and when I saw it on YouTube I screamed!.

This set is from the brand Ciate (you may know them as the nail polish brand with the cute bows on) they have collaborated with the talented Youtuber Chloe Morello. This is the second volume as she did release a set last year but I sadly missed out on it. This is the perfect gift for any makeup lover for Christmas or if you’re like me and felt the need to treat yourself.


The set contains the Chloe Morello second edition pallet with twenty eyeshadows (she created the shades and named them herself), A mini sized ‘best selling’ Wonderwand mascara, mini sized liquid lipstick in limited edition shade (sydney) and a full sized Fierce Flicks liquid eyeliner.

The packaging  of the palette is very cute, reminds me of a purple version of the Burn Book from the film Mean Girls. I love that it is in a sturdy flip top, slim box with a magnet to keep it securely closed. It has a great quality mirror in too which is a massive plus for me in a eyeshadow palette. The pan sized are a average size for a palette with twenty eyeshadows. It is very easy to dip your eyeshadow brush in though to pick up product.



The eyeshadow palette has the most gorgeous array of colours to play around with, it has so much to offer, transition nude shades, smokey browns, autumnal reds, orange and copper shades as well as a dark black. You can create a multitude of looks, with eight matte shades and twelve shimmer shades. The pigmentation is incredible, and although some of the lighter transition shades are slightly chalky, they blend out very easily. The shimmer shades are so popping and have a creamy texture. The only bad thing I have to say about this palette is that there is a lot of fallout, That being said I do my eye makeup before the rest of my face so I don’t mind this as I just wipe my face after with a makeup wipe.


I recently bought this mascara when 02 priorities had voucher code so I now have another tube, which I’m super pleased about as this mascara is insanely good, It makes short work of coating every lash and giving you the false lash effect. The wand is super easy to use too and is perfect at getting in on all the bottom lashes.

As for the liner, I was super impressed with the tip of this, it is very similar to my all time favourite Kat Von D tattoo liner. It is jet black and ridiculously pigmented and really helped me create a good quality wing (having hooded eyes is a nightmare to create any good eye looks).



Shades- ‘topless, halo, coco, nini and gold’.


Shades- ‘baby, violet, jelly bean, renegade and morello cherry’.


Shades- ‘pony, platinum, ellie, mecha and beauty’.


Shades- ‘rose gold, copper, marron, soul and chartreuse’.


Fierce flicks eyeliner and Liquid Velvet lipstick in shade ‘Sydney’

Here is a look that I created with all the products in this set, I opted for a green and champagne smokey eye using shades ‘nini, soul and halo’.



This set costs £45 which I think is fab for everything you get in it and how great the quality is. If you are interested in this amazing set you can find it here. I also was given a leaflet that came with my order that had a discount code that I will give to you beauties to save you 10% off your order (not a affiliate code). Enter ‘HOLDIAY10’ at the checkout, it is valid until 31st January 2018.

What is your favourite makeup/youtuber collabs? Let me know in the comments below

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