Outfit Post: Cacti And Gingham Frills

Hello beauties! I am back with the outfit posts today after having a break while waiting for new photo bits to arrive to improve my photo quality!. I recently bought these fab frilled hem tailored trousers in the January sales and I am in love!. Plus they make my butt look fab which is always a bonus!.



Outfit details

  • Romwe Cactus print t-shirt
  • New Look Grey check trouser with frill hem
  • Primark Velvet strap flat pumps
  • Bershka Black faux sheep skin coat similar here
  • eBay Blue tassel hoop earrings

I hope you enjoyed this post, what are your plans for this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!.

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Makeup Look: Peaches

Hello beauties, I did a little poll on my Instagram a few days ago asking what look you wanted me to post for todays look. A peach toned makeup look won and that’s exactly what I bring to you today!. You may have also noticed that I have stepped up my photography game with a back drop, a new camera and better lighting and this makes me so excited!. Keep reading to see what products I used in todays look.

Products used in this look


  • DIY Miracle facial oil
  • MAC Strobe Cream
  • NYX Orange colour correcting concealer (dark circles)
  • Essence Fresh & Fit foundation shade ‘ivory’
  • Collection Lasting Perfection concealer shade ‘fair’
  • RCMA No Colour Powder (bake undereyes)
  • Benefit GALifornia blush
  • I Heart Makeup Peach and Glow highlight palette
  • Mario Badescu Rose water facial Spray


  • Rimmel Eyebrow pencil shade ‘dark brown’
  • Ardell Brow Building Fiber gel shade ‘dark brown’


  • Lime Crime Venus Palette shades ‘creation’ (in crease) ‘rebirth’ (over lid)

  • Makeup Revolution X Soph eyeshadow palette shades ‘penguin’ (centre of lid) ‘strawberry sweets’ (layered over white)

  • NYX Jumbo liner pencil shade ‘milk’ (line waterline to brighten eyes)


  • QI Best Liquid matte lipstick shade ’03’

What other looks would you like to see in the future? let me know in the comments below.

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L’Oréal Paris X Balmain Color Riche Lipstick

Hello beauties, I am really excited to share today’s review with you all. I love when drug store brands collaborate with high end designers, it’s a great way for us makeup lovers on a budget try out a bit of luxury without the heavy price tag. Todays review is these rather exciting Lipstick from L’oreal who collaborated with Balmain.

IMG_0896 (2)

L’Oréal Paris X Balmain Color Riche is our first limited-edition collection of 12 tailor-made designer lipsticks. Uncover edgy, matte shades encased within an exclusive pack, designed by Olivier Rousteing. 12 lip colours designed to embody three femininities: Safari, Rock & Couture. Lipstick shades for every woman – no matter her origin, no matter her tribe.

The formula is infused with pure pigments and camellia oil to create our richest colour and most moisturising matte finish.

As mentioned above from the L’Oréal website, this lipstick comes in twelve matte shades, ranging from bold reds,nudes, metalics,bolder colours such purples, a green and a blue. There is a shade for every makeup look and colour preference.


I picked up two black packaged lipsticks and one green, they also do a blue packaging. I love how its encased in gold detailing which really makes it feel like you have a designer makeup product. With the Balmain name printed on the side in gold text, it is so luxiourous looking. My favourite however is the marbled green, I am a sucker for a marble print and it looks great in a lipstick holder on your dressing table. It definitely looks more expensive then it is and has a easy to use twist up bullet, the packaging is super sturdy which is always a winner in my books.

IMG_0905 (2)

Formula and Application

I originally swatched these lipssticks in my local boots store,even though I have always loved the other color riche lip forumlas from L’Oréal. They are super creamy and glide on easily without sticking to dry patches. The colour payoff is incredible and there is no need to add layers upon layers to get the desired look. They dry down matte but don’t look or feel drying as provide moisture to the lips. As for longevity they did fade off after I had something to eat and drink, however I kind of expect this with a lipstick that isn’t a liquid formula as I find they last longer.

IMG_0914 (2)


They’re slightly pricier then the average Loreal Lipsticks that normally cost £6.99 . These cost £12.99 per lipstick, which is double but that is to be expected for the Balmain name it’s associated with. I didn’t mind paying this as I loved the colours and the formula when I swatched in store. I also took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer they had on at the time (they always have offers in boots in the UK) so got I got one for free!. If you are interested in buying you can find them here.


I picked up shades ‘domination’ which is a deep red, ‘fever’ which is a stunning warm pumpkin colour and ‘confession’ which is a pinky nude. ‘Confession’ is my favourite out of the three, as you can see I couldn’t resist using it before I took photos!. It makes the lips look so full.

IMG_0913 (2)

Lip Swatches

(Please excuse my application of the bottom lipstick, my lips were red from wiping and reapplying for photo purposes!)

I hope you enjoyed this review! Do you think these are worth the price tag? Let me know in the comments below.

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December Favourites

Happy new year beauties! I hope you all had a great evening celebrating the end of another year!. I’m really excited to see what 2018 holds for me and this little blog of mine. I thought it would be great to end 2017 with my December favourites.


Laura Mercier foundation primer

I received this primer in my December Latest In Beauty box and have been using it non stop since, I love how this applies and I have seen a definite improvement in the finish and longevity of my foundation when using this. I will be doing a full review of this soon so keep an eye out for that!.

Essence Princess false lash effect mascara

After finding out about the brand Essence and how cheap their makeup was I decided to pick up their Princess Mascara. This is the best mascara I have ever used! I think it’s even better then the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (and that’s saying something!). It creates full lashes that look like you’re wearing falsies!.

Ardell Brow fibre gel

This was a product that was on my Christmas list that I really wanted to try. It’s a brow gel with added fibres that make my brows (I have sparse brows at the end and in the centre) look thicker and fluffier!. I will definitely be purchasing this once it has ran out.

Makeup Revolution Soph X highlight palette

This wasn’t a new purchase for me, when it was first released I didn’t like it, the formula didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. Until I tried dipping my brush into the product and spraying it with setting spray, now it works so well and gives me the most popping highlight. I love the dark gold shade in this palette, I have been using it non stop!.

Essence Fresh and Fit foundation

Another Essence product i have been loving is the Fresh and Fit foundation. It gives a medium but buildable coverage with the most smooth and flawless dewy finish. I love how well it lasts and would work really well for those with dry skin and costs less then £5!.


Funky tassel earrings

I have been collecting tassel earrings lately, they are such a fun and stylish accessory and finish off any outfit. I can’t wait to rock these yellow ones in the spring/summer with bold prints and florals. The best part is that these were only 99p! Absolute bargain!.

Chunky knitted scarves

For obvious reasons that it has and continues to be bloody freezing in the UK at the moment, I have been loving wearing over sized ‘blanket’ scarfs. I wear them under my coat and even wrap them round myself in the car or indoors when it’s chilly in the mornings! Not to mention they look so cute on.

Tv and film

Peaky Blinders

I was a little late to this train but am so glad I caught it. I have been binging this series and am now up to date! A gritty gang series based on the on the Peaky Blinder boys and their business deals that more often then not,go wrong and drama ensues. Plus I love a brummie accent, the 1920’s fashions and Cillian Murphy is just my cup of tea *winky face*.

Christmas films

Like everyone I have been abusing my Netflix account for all their Christmas movies. My favourite this year has to be ‘Jingle all the way’ starring Arnie as a dad trying to prove himself to his son by securing him a popular action figure. With hilarious characters and the fact that everything goes wrong for him,this is the perfect film for families!.


I had the most wonderful Christmas with my family, from being spoilt rotten, watching my son open up his trampoline that I had saved to buy him, having Christmas dinner with my family and then playing board games while intoxicated with my mum and two sisters. It has been a good one but also was the first one without my grandma, who past away a few months back. If you want to see what I got up to this Christmas you can find it here.

I hope you enjoyed reading, I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for us all in 2018 and have set myself some pretty big goals. I wish the best to all you beauties on your adventures and blogging!.

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Lush Christmas Bathtime Favourites

Hello beauties, I have been loving reading all the ‘What I got for Christmas’ posts and although I don’t plan on doing a detailed one of what I received I did want to do a review on this fab gift set that my boyfriend got me (he knows me well or just thinks I smell haha).

IMG_0665 (2)

I love how creative Lush were this Christmas and loved nearly all of their limited edition Xmas products. This set is called the Christmas Bathtime Favourites and inside you will find nine of their Christmas themed bath bombs!. I love the packaging of this box, especially the purple ribbon that makes it look so fancy. I will definitely be keeping the hat box in my bathroom to store my lush goodies in throughout the year.

IMG_0674 (2)

Sherbet Dip bath bomb 185g

As it’s name suggests it’s shaped just like the sherbet lemon sweets and I think this is such a fun idea!. It has a mouthwatering scent of lemon and contains lemon, grapefruit and orange essential oils and makes the bath water a luminous yellow.

Butter Bear bath bomb 75g

This adorable bear shaped bear bomb is one of my favourites for how soft it makes your skin after the bath. It smells like chocolate and vanilla. However it isn’t very exciting in the water but does make you gorgeously smooth thanks to the cocoa butter.

Snow Fairy jelly bomb 180g

This one I am kind of nervous about trying, after trying the ‘dark arts’ jelly bomb and that being a total fail. The jelly getting all stuck in my hair (was such a nightmare). It smells like the typical bubble gum sweet scent of the Snow Fairy range and it does look really appealing. However I will be using this on a day I don’t need to wash my hair. Fingers crossed there isn’t the same horrendous clean up that I had before. Pray for me!.

Shoot For The Stars bath bomb 200g

I LOVE the appearance of this bath bomb, a bright blue bomb with golden embedded stars. This makes a gorgeous blue explosion and leaves magical glittery water. It has a sweet toffee scent and the stars are made of body butter which melts to leave you beautifully soft.

Golden Wonder bath bomb 200g

Shaped like a present, it is the perfect gift or Christmas themed bath bomb for the festive season. This feels really heavy when held in the hand and really peaks my interest on what’s inside and what colour it makes the water. Spoiler! It makes a gorgeous blue and green explosion and leaves the water blue. It has a fresh citrusy scent.

IMG_0681 (2)

Nevermind The Ballistics bath bomb 200g

With the Sex Pistol name reference this bath bomb had to be cool. It is a bomb that is dipped in a butter melt coating and has a orange scent thanks to the orange oils. This makes silky orange water and is very appealing to watch once it’s been placed in the tub.

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb 200g

It is not Christmas without a Christmas pudding and I love all the colours in this aptly themed bath bomb. With a scent of lavender and Tonka it is a very calming smell, perfect for bedtime. It starts of foaming pink then explosions of different colours start appearing it’s amazing!leaving a rich pink water.

Christmas Sweater bath bomg 200g

This is such a creative idea for a bath bomb for Christmas, we all love the tacky Christmas jumpers which it is designed to look like. Offering a warm and spiced scent to make you feel toasty and relaxed. Perfect for the colder weather. This makes deep red and and orange foamy water.

Thundersnow bath bomb 200g

Looking just like it’s name ‘thunderstorm’ this fun mix of colours makes me intrigued to see the result in the water. With a peppermint and cocoa scent which is so heavenly, something that will give you a real pick me up. Making a explosion of blue and green water.

IMG_0685 (2)

I hope you liked this review, I can’t wait to get started using all these bombs, they are way too pretty to use mind!

Did you receive any lush gifts for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!.

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Makeup Look: Smoky New Years Inspiration

Hello beauties, is anyone a bit sad that Christmas is over? I am! Although I am sick to death of chocolate and don’t want to see another bit of it until the new year. Today’s post is a makeup look that I will be wearing for New Years. I opted for a smoky shimmer brown eye with iridescent glitter. Paired with a matte red lip with added pigment and of course it was a perfect chance to test out the star stamps that I reviewed here. Keep reading to see the products used in this look.

Products used in this look


  • DIY miracle face oil
  • Mac Strobe cream
  • NYX Orange colour correcting concealer jar (for dark circles)
  • Barry M Green colour correcting concealer (for redness)
  • Maybelline Fit Me foundation shade ‘120 classic ivory’
  • Mac Pro Longwear concealer shade ‘NC15’
  • Mario Badescu Rose water facial spray (set makeup)
  • Too Faced Love Flush blush shade ‘so happy together’
  • Soph X Revolution Highlight palette


  • Rimmel kohl brow pencil shade ‘dark brown’
  • Ardell Brow building fibre gel shade ‘dark brown’


  • Soap & Glory Kick Ass concealer kit (priming eye lids)
  • Mario Badescu Rose water facial spray (spray on brush before eyeshadow)
  • Barry M Meteor Storm eyeshadow palette shades ‘brown and iridescent glitter’
  • Urban Decay Perversion mascara
  • Ballet Rain Star Stamp ink liner


  • Urban Decay Glide On lip liner shade ’69’
  • Lime Crime Velvetine liquid lipstick shade ‘new Americana’
  • Topshop Chameleon Glow powder shade ‘shuffle the cards’ (pressed on lips)

I hope you like this look!. What are your plans for New Years? Let me know in the comments below!.

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Christmas Shenanigans

Hello beauties, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, received everything you asked Santa for, stuffed your face with food and had a great time with loved ones. I didn’t post on Saturday or yesterday like I usually would as I wanted a break to just enjoy the festivities. I thought today’s post would be great if I kept it short and sweet and just showed you some pictures of my day!.

How cute and tacky is this Christmas jumper though! (Yes that is a picture of my cat on the front!).

Total Absolutely Fabulous vibes from me and my sister Amy.

Some of the gifts I was lucky enough to receive! My family and boyfriend spoiled me. So thankful!.

Best pjs ever! From Misguided!.

What was the favourite gift you received this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!.

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